Message From The Chairman

We’ve been building trust for 22 years.

In 1999, we took the first foundations as Delta Real Estate, we aim to be an institution that has accomplished successful projects with the slogan of “TRUST FIRST”.

In line with our goals, we have been working day and night for 20 years and we will continue to work.

Since the date of its establishment, all of DELTA HOLDING’s projects are projects that add value to the national economy.

I can describe my colleagues; as people who have faith in the goodness of his country, sincere, honest, hard-working, With this advantage and self-confidence, we provide services to our country and our people in all sectors where we operate, from tourism to food, from infrastructure to housing production.

As DELTA HOLDING, we are building high-quality living spaces designed for both today and the future and we are honored to undertake our project.

We feel responsible to society not only with construction projects; we also commit ourselves to contribute to society in the sense of education and environment.


Delta Holding always signed projects that are unique and without any alternatives.

“The real estate sector is a sector that keeps our economy up and we are one of the important names in this sector.
We left the years behind. We have seen these improvement in the sector together. We produced approximately 5 thousand houses have been produced and every project we produce is a very unique project in its field. None of our project has been interrupted and and all off them completed on time. Therefore, our projects will continue in the coming period.

While we are planning our ideas, we know that we don’t only build buildings, we create places to live in, we create structures that will affect the life style of residents in all aspects with all their features. In addition to our professional team, our customer-oriented approach, high technology, wide range of construction materials and innovations are our main principles behind the success of our company. We show the value we give to social life areas in all of our projects and implement our projects with environmental awareness.

The progress we have made in the international construction sector and the projects we have undertaken in the recent years have played an important role in further increasing the prestige of Delta Holding in the international arena.

Our Common Goals in Production
All the things that Delta Holding develops and produces serve the common goal of making human life easier, more comfortable and more livable.

Dear Business Partners
Delta Holding’s main goal is rapidly turning into a single and big market in our world; is to be an international Turkish company preferred with its approach to business, quality services and trustworthiness, to grow and to generate added value for all stakeholders.

We believe that our country has a future.
The changing geography of the area and reshaped in the midst Turkey and our people, and we believe our trust. We believe that our country has a great potential in economic terms; We foresee that our environmental geography will offer very attractive growth opportunities for us in the near future. A well-established, strategy and business approach like Delta Holding will continue to grow and produce more in this process.

We will continue to evaluate the growth opportunities that will be created by both national and international markets without compromising our business-sensitive business approach and building works for all humanity.
On this occasion, I would like to thank all of our team that we have built together with Delta Holding and I would like to thank our local and foreign business partners for their continuous trust and cooperation.
Hope to share the new breakthroughs and achievements of Delta Holding.
Delta Group of Company Chairman
Seyithan İZSİZ

Seyithan İzsiz

Seyithan İZSİZ

Delta Group of Companies Chairman