We’ve been building trust for 22 years.

Delta Holding built ‘Residence, Mall, Hotel’ projects and sell it in the industry with 67 200 numbers of housing and became one of the leading communities in Turkey.
” The Delta Group of Companies’ sub companies that give the dealership as well as groups from the production of building the company, the real estate marketing services, Restaurant and cafe managements, electricity production and furniture production. Periods various authorities’ Parliament Magazine TBMM, IYBB’ by 2005, 2007, 2009 in Turkey, the institution of the year were selected.

” Trust First ” patented slogan is a group that acquires self-guided service, and every area where it produces service aims at 100% customer satisfaction.

Every year 2000 independent parts (Housing, Residence, offices, commercial space) to produce our group projects that have the potential producing natural life, quality living space and business world to add value to commercial real estate projects development vision of Turkey ‘s mission is to contribute to the process of Urban transformation It has adopted.

Our Principles and Principles That Protect Our Brand Value

Purpose and Intention

The first secret of success is the purpose and intention. Without an aim, there is no way to go without intending to enter a business

Team Spirit

You can not run a successful bussniess alone, You must set up a team of hard working people and all of your teammates should have common purpose


What you need to do most is to build confidence. You can spend extra time and gain extra effort to gain and maintain confidence. In fact, you must bulid trust frist so that people can trust you easiy.


If you are doing a sales business like we did, you should take honesty as a principle.

Prediction and Risk Suppression

If you are trading, you can not proceed without taking risk. But you must know what you need to do when you are in hard sitution. You can see the progress of your work and you should know how to deal with it.